It has been awhile

God is it is cold cant face doing much other than soup of every discription. Great punkin the other nite I will share with you. The key is to roast a good pumkin whole in the oven slowly. When soft to the knife take it out and wait for it to cool down. You can then peel and d pip with complete ease and all the flavour is contained. In a pot gently simmer a couple of onions in olive oil add a couple of good sized peeled diced kumeras. Put all the pumkin mush in add vegi stock (large campbels) and a little water. Salt and loads of blk pepper.Slowly simmer for an hour. Whizz with hand whizzer add cream or milk you choos some smoked sweet paprica and enter heaven. Hot crust bread to dunk and plile soup onto. You will not move ………..

First time

Getting to the table has been a journey I have nothing to talk about

Hello world!

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